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Gratis extra DropBox ruimte

DropBox, de handige tool om overal bij je bestanden te kunnen en deze automatisch te synchroniseren (ik heb er lang geleden al eens over geblogd), heeft een ‘referral program’ waarmee je je vrienden een link kunt sturen. Als ze zich

Breaking news causes Twitter fail

Wow, within just a few minutes after a big after shock hit Haiti, the Twitter home page was showing the Fail Whale, and it still does now (more than one hour later). A lot of retweets happening at the same

Google about to launch browser

Google announced that they will launch Google Chrome, a new browser. Among the features are a powerful JavaScript enginge, V8 and (of course) tabbed browsing, but each tab is isolated from others which keeps the browser running smooth if one

Knol is live

Yesterday, Google launched Knol, an expert site similar to Wikipedia. One of the differences is that with Knol, authors are not anonymous. Users can comment on articles, rate and even review them. Wired has an in-depth article and has spoken