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Steve Jobs overleden

Vanmorgen vroeg schrok ik wakker met het bericht dat Steve Jobs was overleden. Inmiddels niet echt onverwacht na het terugtreden als CEO, maar wel erg triest. Met Apple heeft hij geweldig mooie dingen gedaan, waaronder in het laatste decennium de

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Continuing in Dutch…

This week I realized one of the reasons of the lack of (frequent) updates on my site is the fact that it is in English. A lot of potential subjects are relevant only to Dutch people and that’s why I

Twitter and

Today I integrated my Quickies-posts (listed on the right side of the main page) with my Twitter account. You can follow my tweets here: Quickie-posts are now published to my Twitter account through Twitterfeed. A while ago, I added

License plate script updated

Just added a new option to the license plate script. Now also German license plates – Deutsche Kennzeichen – can be made. I hope to add more countries in the near future, feel free to send in suggestions!

Quick update

So, back from a nice holiday to Egypt. What a nice country, and what a lot of great things to see and do. Absolutely recommended! (You just have to see the traffic in Cairo!) Trapped in a ray of light


After more than a year of hardly any updates on the site I’ve refreshed the design and upgraded updated the software behind the site from Joomla to WordPress. This software is much more user friendly and has a much better

Quickies added

I just added a new category called ‘Quickies’. In this category I’ll be posting interesting links to other sites and web related short news items. This will also be the place for some entertaining and funny links now and then.

A fresh start!

Yes, it has taken quite some time since the shutdown of my previous site. But this time I guess it’s a real start of something new. It’s about web. About tech. About programming. Kinda like the stuff I do at