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Quick links to interesting, fun and/or useful sites.

Photo: Cheshire, Ohio

Flak Photo July 20th, 2010.

If Super Mario Bros was made today

At least an extensive tutorial and Facebook connection would be present if Super Mario Bros. was made today.

Top 2009

Time posts top 10 of everything. Motorola Droid #1 in gadgets top 10.

The Moon in color

The Moon in color by NASA. Also wallpaper sized.

Anvil shooting

How to shoot an anvil 200 feet into the air.

iPhone paper stand

Quick, easy and cheap iPhone and iPod Touch paper stand. Nice!

Mighty Optical Illusions

Optical illusions often are very attractive to keep looking at. Some of the bests are posted regularly over here!

The impossible art of Li Wei

Some impressive art photography of Chinese Li Wei. These aren’t photoshopped!

Illusory dripping paint table

John Nouanesing created this concept table which is supported by dripping paint. Great idea!

Visual illusion of the year

The finalists and winners of the visual illusion of the year are published. Some pretty cool illusions! (via