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View your IP address

Just a quick and simple page to view your current IP-address. Nothing special, merely for development purposes. Lees de rest van deze post »

Renaming lots of files

Every now and then it happens that I want to do some maintenance on the filenames of more than just a couple of files. This might happen because of a stupid renaming action by me and/or Windows XP, or simply the use of a new utility which expects filenames in a certain format. Anyway, rather than renaming hundreds of files manually, I like to use some small Perl scripting for these tasks.
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Styled form controls

Philip Howard has developed a way to get rid of the default boring checkboxes and radiobuttons in an HTML page. It behaves exactly like the default form controls, but looks much better.

The good thing is he paid attention to accessibility, and well formed code. It also degrades fine for browsers and/or users without CSS and/or Javascript. Needless to say it is also perfectly cross-browser compatible!

Programming Fonts

Programmers have very particular font needs. A font for programming must be monospaced, extremely readable, and must sharply distinguish between similar characters, such as capital O and zero and the number 1, capital I, and lowercase L. In addition, good programming fonts allow you to view more lines of code on screen at once.

I preferred Courier New myself so far, but Keith Devens has a long list with other suggestions of fonts for programming.