Android with 7 x 7 x 7 Cube

Just saw this video with an Android powered Motorola Droid which uses a Lego Mindstorms robot to solve this 7x7x7 Rubiks Cube in 38 minutes. Some impressive work!

Android Rubik’s Cube solver

This Android powered Lego Mindstorms Robot solves a Rubik's Cube in less than 25 seconds. Check it out below:

[update May 18]
Original video was removed, changed post to show other version of video.

‘Samsung Android tablet in August’

I really love the Android OS since the moment I got my HTC Desire. It's powerful, easy to use and gives you much more freedom compared to iPhone OS. Rumors say that Samsung will launch a tablet that runs Android in August, and it will have a super AMOLED screen. If it is as flexible and fast as smart phones running Android this might just be my next gadget!

Read more on Engadget.

Breaking news causes Twitter fail

Wow, within just a few minutes after a big after shock hit Haiti, the Twitter home page was showing the Fail Whale, and it still does now (more than one hour later).

A lot of retweets happening at the same time seem to cause a system overload. Once again shows that Twitter is being used as a news source for a lot of people world wide.

Twitter is back, but doesn't mention the exact cause of the outage:

... A sudden failure coupled with problems in switching to a backup system ...

Time lapse movie of 8 full days

Last week I posted the first YouTube movie which shows a time lapse of the first day of the construction of the 'Glazen Huis'. I've now finished a movie which shows the entire construction over a period of 8 days. Today the 3 DJ's will start for their fund raise against Malaria. I'll post a new time lapse movie on my YouTube account every day during the next week.

Time lapse video

Using the pictures from the webcam of RTVNoord (Groningen, the Netherlands) I created a time lapse video of the construction of the 3FM Serious Request Glazen Huis (Glass House). Starting Friday next week, 3 DJ's will be in the Glass House without eating until christmas to raise money for the Red Cross against malaria.

Twitter and

Today I integrated my Quickies-posts (listed on the right side of the main page) with my Twitter account. You can follow my tweets here: Quickie-posts are now published to my Twitter account through Twitterfeed.

A while ago, I added a nice little feature on the site here which shows my last played track via If I'm listening to the track at the time you load the page, a nice little icon Equalizer icon is shown next to it. By the way, is now publishing The Best of 2009 lists. The second part was just put online.

This year they included a Michael Jackson special which features a really nice diagram (cllick to see full size).

Michael Jackson plays and loves
Michael Jackson plays and loves

This week they featured 2009 in tags.

TrackMania 2 announced

And it's looking really fantastic! I've spent quite some hours playing TrackMania Nations. I guess I'll be playing TM2 for a lot of hours as well!

License plate script updated

Just added a new option to the license plate script. Now also German license plates - Deutsche Kennzeichen - can be made.

I hope to add more countries in the near future, feel free to send in suggestions!

View your IP address

Just a quick and simple page to view your current IP-address. Nothing special, merely for development purposes. Lees de rest van deze post »