Year: 2010

Neave imagination

Play around with these smokey patterns. Flash required.

There’s a shark in my soup!

Very nice soup bowl!

Amazing time lapse

Wow, this amazing time lapse in California and Arizona was done by photographer Dan Eckert and looks terrific!

Storing files with Dropbox

I’ve been using Dropbox for storing files online for some time now and I really love it. There’s an desktop installer for Windows, MacOS and Linux and it will add a special Dropbox folder to your computer. Any files you

Photo: Cheshire, Ohio

Flak Photo July 20th, 2010.

Android with 7 x 7 x 7 Cube

Just saw this video with an Android powered Motorola Droid which uses a Lego Mindstorms robot to solve this 7x7x7 Rubiks Cube in 38 minutes. Some impressive work!

If Super Mario Bros was made today

At least an extensive tutorial and Facebook connection would be present if Super Mario Bros. was made today.

Android Rubik’s Cube solver

This Android powered Lego Mindstorms Robot solves a Rubik’s Cube in less than 25 seconds. Check it out below: [update May 18] Original video was removed, changed post to show other version of video.

‘Samsung Android tablet in August’

I really love the Android OS since the moment I got my HTC Desire. It’s powerful, easy to use and gives you much more freedom compared to iPhone OS. Rumors say that Samsung will launch a tablet that runs Android

Breaking news causes Twitter fail

Wow, within just a few minutes after a big after shock hit Haiti, the Twitter home page was showing the Fail Whale, and it still does now (more than one hour later). A lot of retweets happening at the same