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Visual illusion of the year

The finalists and winners of the visual illusion of the year are published. Some pretty cool illusions! (via

Logo mashups

Some very nicely done logo mashups.

JavaOne coverage

Some colleagues of mine are currently attending the JavaOne conference in San Francisco. This year the theme is JAVA+YOU. You can read about a few sessions, and some interesting new technologies on the Blogging About Java site.

Understanding CSS Positioning

Creating a custom template for your own site can be fun, but to get the positioning of various parts of the page exactly right can sometimes result in a trial and error process.

Without a doubt, positioning, or the layout, is the hardest part of CSS. Not only because it ever so often varies between browsers, but also because CSS has a lot of ways to position an element, all with various (dis) advantages.

Kilian Valkhof is running a series of articles called Understanding CSS Positioning of which the first part is now available. A good read before starting the conversion of your design into XHTML and CSS.

Boston Dynamics Big Dog

Just got a link to this very cool movie of a robot called Big Dog, created by Boston Dynamics. Especially the reaction of the robot when it gets kicked in the side and seeing it struggling on a slippery surface is impressive. It almost seems that it's actually alive.

How to synchronize five metronomes