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Google experiments with VisualRank

It's been a while since Google introduced it's 'game' Image labeler, to determine the relevance of search terms for particular images. Google scientists now published a paper describing the next generation of image search. This eliminates the need of humans describing images, and uses computers to analyze the images. It's capable to determine the similarities between images and images similar to a popular image will get a higher ranking automatically.

Might proof to be very useful, but I'm wondering whether search results delivered by this technique won't display only almost identical images. You'll probably need to be very specific in the search terms if the first results don't display the kind of image you're looking for. On the other hand, right now sometimes results don't seem to have anything in common with the terms you entered, so this may indeed be a very large step forwards in visual search.

Optimus Maximus Keyboard available …

... but currently out of stock. Probably more expensive than your PC, but oh so nice.


Have a Wii, and created yourself a Mii? You can now order a 3D version of it. Some examples are displayed on

Street art with Pixels

Some awesome street-art in NYC. Very cool idea!


After more than a year of hardly any updates on the site I've refreshed the design and upgraded updated the software behind the site from Joomla to WordPress. This software is much more user friendly and has a much better code-base to accommodate extensions and changes.

Oh yeah, I've also fixed the popular license plate image script which was broken as a result of the WordPress installation.

Updates and new articles should now occur on a more or less regular basis! 😉

Customize iPhone

The iPhone (and iPod Touch) have been hacked completely for a while now. This doesn't only allow you to install custom applications and themes, but also customize the boot logo and more. Now through a very easy application which will be distrubited very soon.