Year: 2008

The impossible art of Li Wei

Some impressive art photography of Chinese Li Wei. These aren’t photoshopped!

Google about to launch browser

Google announced that they will launch Google Chrome, a new browser. Among the features are a powerful JavaScript enginge, V8 and (of course) tabbed browsing, but each tab is isolated from others which keeps the browser running smooth if one

Illusory dripping paint table

John Nouanesing created this concept table which is supported by dripping paint. Great idea!

Knol is live

Yesterday, Google launched Knol, an expert site similar to Wikipedia. One of the differences is that with Knol, authors are not anonymous. Users can comment on articles, rate and even review them. Wired has an in-depth article and has spoken

Quick update

So, back from a nice holiday to Egypt. What a nice country, and what a lot of great things to see and do. Absolutely recommended! (You just have to see the traffic in Cairo!) Trapped in a ray of light

Visual illusion of the year

The finalists and winners of the visual illusion of the year are published. Some pretty cool illusions! (via

Logo mashups

Some very nicely done logo mashups.

JavaOne coverage

Some colleagues of mine are currently attending the JavaOne conference in San Francisco. This year the theme is JAVA+YOU. You can read about a few sessions, and some interesting new technologies on the Blogging About Java site.

Understanding CSS Positioning

Creating a custom template for your own site can be fun, but to get the positioning of various parts of the page exactly right can sometimes result in a trial and error process. Without a doubt, positioning, or the layout,

Boston Dynamics Big Dog

Just got a link to this very cool movie of a robot called Big Dog, created by Boston Dynamics. Especially the reaction of the robot when it gets kicked in the side and seeing it struggling on a slippery surface