Month: October 2006

Pacman Halloween

How to create an original Halloween costume of Pacman and Ghost. Be sure to take a look at the video too!

Line Rider follow-up

Recently I posted a link to Line Rider, a flash application you can easily spend a couple of hours playing with. Here’s a great collection of some video’s of Line Rider, including some very impressive ones that must have taken

Photos of Space Shuttle launch

Warren Ellis put up some very cool photos of the Space Shuttle launch, taken from the International Space Station. (via

Firefox 2 released

The final release of version 2 of the webbrowser Firefox is now available for download. Get it while it’s hot!

Line Rider

Just discovered Line Rider today. After playing around with it a little, I discovered I already spent more than 30 minutes performing the most amazing stunts. Brings back some memories… Try to make your rider do a looping!

Quickies added

I just added a new category called ‘Quickies’. In this category I’ll be posting interesting links to other sites and web related short news items. This will also be the place for some entertaining and funny links now and then.

Styled form controls

Philip Howard has developed a way to get rid of the default boring checkboxes and radiobuttons in an HTML page. It behaves exactly like the default form controls, but looks much better. The good thing is he paid attention to