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Rock Solid CSS Layouts

How to build a CSS layout for your (XHTML) webpage, a complete tutorial published on

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Printing a single image

Some time ago I got the question whether it was possible to provide a way to print a single image that was a part of the webpage. The rest of the contents of the page should not be printed, only the image. Of course a visitor can manually display the image in a separate window, or download it first, but there's a more user friendly way, which I'll explain in this article.
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A fresh start!

Yes, it has taken quite some time since the shutdown of my previous site. But this time I guess it's a real start of something new. It's about web. About tech. About programming. Kinda like the stuff I do at work, but also enjoy doing in my spare time.

A little bit about me: I'm Martijn Reemst, 31 years old and living in The Netherlands. I'm employed as a consultant at a large software company. I enjoy watching movies, reading, programming, music and travelling. I ran a quite successful Calvin and Hobbes site for about eight years, until the publishers shut it down. The last year I did a few minor things on the web, but now the time is right for some more substantial contribution to the web.

Among my areas of expertise are: HTML, PHP, CSS, Java/J2EE, Javascript, GUI designing, different kinds of webservers.

Check back soon for the first 'real' post!

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