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The Complete Calvin and Hobbes: A New Calvin and Hobbes Collection!

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes Great news! The Complete Calvin and Hobbes is published October 4, 2005, containing 3 large hard-cover albums featuring all Calvin and Hobbes cartoons that ever appeared in syndication.

The list price is $150, but it's now available for only $99.00!
The Complete Calvin and Hobbes
New print fully available again!

Welcome, you've come to the place where Calvin and Hobbes® once were honored with a great tribute and fan-site, "Calvin and Hobbes at Martijn's". Unfortunately the copyright owners didn't agree with that and made me shutdown the entire site. The biggest success of the site was the Calvin and Hobbes Strip Search, which received thousands of visitors every single day.

I want to thank for all your visits and nice comments. I've received hundreds of emails because of this shutdown; thanks for all the nice comments! It would take way too much time to reply to all of them, so don't think I don't read them. I've read every single one of them and appreciate your comments.

If you want, you can send me an email as well.


For completeness, here's a list of all available Calvin and Hobbes® books, with direct links to buy them.

Calvin and Hobbes

Something Under the Bed is Drooling

The Essential Calvin and Hobbes: A Calvin and Hobbes Treasury

Yukon Ho!

The Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book: A Collection of Sunday Calvin and Hobbes Cartoons

Weirdos From Another Planet!

The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes: A Calvin and Hobbes Treasury

The Revenge of the Baby-Sat

Scientific Progress Goes "Boink"

Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons

The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes

The Days are Just Packed

Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat

The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book

There's Treasure Everywhere

It's A Magical World

Calvin and Hobbes: Sunday Pages 1985-1995

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes
If you want to have all strips, but not all books (i.e. the least amount of books, but have every single strip) then you need to buy this list of books: Of course you could also buy "The Complete Calvin and Hobbes" listed above!

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This page contains Calvin and Hobbes strips in other languages than the original. Do you have some in your own language, please send them to me, and I'll put them here. Besides the strips I've included a list with foreign names for Calvin and Hobbes. There's also a booklist for foreign languages, in case you'd like to order them. This booklist is not complete. If you've any additions, please mail them.

Available now, strips in:

If you have a strip in a language not yet present, please let me know, (or see the feedback page).

I'm also very interested in how Calvin and Hobbes are called in your language, all available book titles in your language, publisher, ISBN numbers (for those who want to order them), etc.. Please forward any info on this you have (see above how to).

Calvin & Hobbes in German (Calvin und Hobbes)

Calvin & Hobbes in Spanish (Calvin y Hobbes)

Calvin & Hobbes in Portugese (Calvin e Haroldo) (from Brazil !)

Calvin & Hobbes in Russian

Calvin & Hobbes in French (Calvin et hobbes)

Calvin & Hobbes in Danish (Steen & Stoffer)

Calvin & Hobbes in Italian (Calvin e Hobbes)

November 28, 2003, 13:19

Calvin & Hobbes in Chinese

Dora Ng from Hong Kong has sent me some info about the Chinese version of Calvin and Hobbes. Her comments:
While I was clearing my newspaper clippings, I found two about C&H.

The first image shows an entry of a newspaper column called 'McMug Kindergarten Vocabulary' - 'Calvin and Hobbes'. The funny thing about this entry is that Calvin and Hobbes were illustrated by another cartoonist through the lens of a little piggy, McMug (the one on the left), who is a kindergarten student (McMug is a character of a Hong Kong-based comics also named 'McMug'). The other is the Chinese (traditional) version of C&H's 'Yukon Ho!', which is the only Chinese one I have known so far. It is out of print.
I've included another image, found on ignatz's website. It's also an image of the Chinese 'Yukon Ho!'.

Foreign names

Did you know that Calvin and Hobbes are in Holland named Casper en Hobbes? These are the foreign names that I know for the two:

You know of more names that I didn't mention? Mail me!

Dutch books. Publisher: Big Balloon Publishers
nr. 1: Casper en Hobbes ISBN 90-542-5250-2
nr. 2: Dubbel en dwars ISBN 90-542-5022-4
nr. 3: Hopsakee en nu de wereld ISBN 90-542-5076-3
nr. 4: Buitenaardse griezels ISBN 90-542-5019-4
nr. 5: De wraak van de oppas ISBN 90-542-6522-2
German books. Publisher: Wolfgang Krüger Verlag, Frankfurt am Main
The early strips were published in:
Vol. 1: Auf dem Sprung ISBN 3-8105-0320-7
Vol. 2: Fix und fertig ISBN 3-8105-0321-5
Vol. 3: Bloß nicht ärgernISBN 3-8105-0322-3
The later ones were published in:
Vol. 1: Jetzt geht's rund ISBN 3-8105-0328-2
Vol. 2: Nur keine Panik ISBN 3-8105-0329-0
Vol. 3: Alles unter Kontrolle ISBN 3-8105-0330-4
Vol. 4: Immer mit der Ruhe ISBN 3-8105-0331-2
Vol. 5: Immer voll drauf ISBN 3-8105-0332-0
Vol. 6: Steil nach oben ISBN 3-8105-0333-9
Vol. 7: Ganz schön daneben ISBN 3-8105-0335-5
Vol. 8: Achtung - Fertig - Los ISBN 3-8105-0336-3
Vol. 9: Enorm in Form ISBN 3-8105-0340-1
Vol.10: Jetzt erst recht ISBN 3-8105-0339-8
Vol.11: Mach mir den Tiger ISBN 3-8105-0341-X
Vol.12: Tierisch lyrisch ISBN 3-8105-0349-5
Vol.13: Einfach umwerfend ISBN 3-8105-0350-9
Vol.14: Die phantastichen Zwei ISBN 3-8105-0351-7
Vol.15: Feine Freunde ISBN 3-8105-0353-3
Vol.16: Die Welt der Wunder ISBN 3-8105-0365-7
Next is a list of Danish publications. First the albums
nr. 1 Smil vi er på…
nr. 2 ...For fulde gardinerISBN 87-456-0597-1
nr. 3 ...bare for sjov!ISBN 87-456-0609-9
nr. 4 Hovsa ISBN 87-456-0713-3
nr. 5 Jeg elsker dig ISBN 87-456-0776-1
nr. 6 -En tiger for megetISBN 87-456-0859-8
nr. 7 -Venner for altid...?ISBN 87-562-5271-4
nr. 8 Dybt at faldeISBN 87-562-5302-8
nr. 9 Skønheden og uhyret ISBN 87-562-6064-4
nr. 10 Tør hvor andre tiger!
nr. 11 En for alle
nr. 12 Hvo intet voverISBN 87-562-6183-7
nr. 13 I mørke er alle katte gr…...ISBN 87-562-6213-2
nr. 14 Tak for dansen!ISBN 87-562-6287-6
nr. 15 Vover pelsenISBN 87-562-7072-0
Next, the books
nr. 1 Tab og vind... ISBN 87-456-0708-7
nr. 2 Ude med snøren
nr. 3 Lykkens pamfiliusser
nr. 4 Er du dus med himlens fugle...
nr. 5 Tungen lige i munden!
nr. 6 Sigter godt men rammer skidt...
nr. 7 Bare vent til mor kommer hjem!ISBN 87-562-6288-4
nr. 8 Vilddyr er vidunderlige!
Collections (all collections are in hardback)
nr. 1 Tunfisk og tøjtigre
nr. 2 Vildnissets vovehalse
nr. 3 Kammerater på krigsstien
nr. 4 Stilhed før stormen
nr. 5 Mislyde i mørketISBN 87-562-7143-3
nr. 6 På jagt efter jordforbindelse
nr. 7 Magiens mestreISBN 87-562-7233-2
Special book
En h…rrejsende historie
Mini book (5cm x 4cm)
Steen & StofferISBN 87-562-6086-5
Tenth Anniversary Book
En 6-rig fylder 10
Swedish publications.
Kalle och Hobbe den oumbèrliga bokenISBN 91-638-0521-9
Turkish publications. Publisher: Remzi Kitabevi
Kalvin ve HobsISBN 975-14-0551-3
Kalvin ve Hobs Macera PesindeISBN 975-14-0576-9
Brazilian publications. Publisher: Cedibra Editora Brasileira Ltda
Calvin e Haroldo
Algo Babando Embaixo da Cama
Yukon, Hei!
Estranhos Seres de Outro Planeta!
A Vinganìa dos Oprimidos
Publisher: Best Editora Ltda
Progresso CientÆfico deu "Tilt" - volume IISBN 85-85092-01-7
Progresso CientÆfico deu "Tilt" - volume IIISBN 85-85092-02-5
Ataque dos Transtornados Monstos de Neve Mutantes Assassinos - volume I
Ataque dos Transtornados Monstos de Neve Mutantes Assassinos - volume II
Os Dias Esta~o, simplesmente lotados - volume IISBN 85-8509209-2
Os Dias Esta~o, simplesmente lotados - volume II
Treasury collections. Publisher: Cedibra Editora Brasileira Ltda
A Essencia de Calvin e Haroldo
Calvin e Haroldo Para Ler aos Domingos
Norwegian publications. Publisher: Bladkompagniet A.S.
nr. 3 Tommy og Tigern - BlinkskuddISBN 82-509-2951-9
Italian publications. Publisher: COMIX
La vita che stressISBN 88-7686-634-5
French publications. Publisher: Editions Hors Collection
1. Adieu monde cruel!ISBN 2-258-03431-0
2. En avant tete de thon!ISBN 2-258-03438-8
3. On est fait comme des rats!ISBN 2-258-03486-8
4. Debout, tas de nouilles!ISBN 2-258-03487-6
5. Fini de rire!ISBN 2-258-03641-0
6. Allez, on se tire!ISBN 2-258-03839-1
7. Que fait la police!ISBN 2-258-03642-9
8. Elle est pas belle, la vie?ISBN 2-258-03432-9
9. On n'arrete pas le progres!ISBN 2-258-00025-4
10. Tous aux abris!ISBN 2-258-03941-X
11. Chou bidouh wouah!ISBN 2-258-03942-8
12. Quelque chose bave sous le lit!ISBN 2-258-03495-2
13. Enfin seuls!ISBN 2-258-03943-6
14. Va jouer dans le mixer!ISBN 2-258-03944-4
15. Completement surbookes!ISBN 2-258-03946-0
16. Faites place a Hyperman!ISBN 2-258-03947-9
17. La flemme du dimanche soirISBN 2-258-04778-1
18. Gare au psycopathe à rayuresISBN 2-258-05110-X
19. Que de misère humaine!ISBN 2-258-05111-8
20. Il y a des trésors partout!ISBN 2-258-04780-3
21. Je suis trop génial!ISBN 2-258-04781-1
22. Le monde est magique!ISBN 2-258-05831-7
23. Y a des jours comme ça!ISBN 2-258-05832-5

Thanks to: Armagan Ekici, Alexandre de Andrade Lente, Francesco Di Pietra, Vincent Bauchau, Ken McMullan, Jesper Bülow Nielsen, Burkhard Lehner, Philippe Chavin, Agnès Paumelle, Alain Clément, Andreas Hoffmann, Phoebe.